My name is Andrew Waite and this is my personal website. Poke around & drop me a note if you'd like to chat or help with one of my projects!

A little about myself:  I am an engineer, humanitarian, & entrepreneur.  These are the projects I am currently working on:


Helping U.S. aerospace and defense manufacturers achieve the highest labor efficiency and Overall Equipment Efficiency possible with Tri-State Manufacturing Solutions LLC.


As Director of Mobile Clinics & Web Development at Northeast Hope for Haiti, I plan and lead Mobile Clinic Trips to Petite Rivière de l'Artibonite, HaitiLearn more about this trip & how you can help!


Some other projects I work on:


Journey House Sober Living’s mission is to provide low-barrier and low-cost sober living to people seeking recovery in Maine. As a member Board of Directors, I advise and help grow the number of sober living recovery houses. We currently have 5 sober living recovery houses across Maine.


A network of a dozen engineer volunteers who design & produce devices that enable disabled individuals to complete work-related tasks.  Occusthetics has received 11 press mentions and has presented at 3 conferences, including Dubai Design Week’s Global Grad Show in Oct. 2016.


When I have extra time I like working with awesome, humanitarian nonprofit organizations in any capacity. Recently I built a few organizations new websites: York County Shelter Programs of York County, ME and Boy Scout Troop 182 of Holden, MA.


I’m always open any and all feedback. Reach out!

- Andrew